15 Best Subtitle Editors for Mac/Windows/Linux/Online

The world of subtitling is more complicated than you think. After downloading the subtitles it may be necessary to edit them. Finding the right subtitles for your needs takes time, experience and more than a little bit of luck. To succeed in this role, you’ll need the best subtitles for Mac or Windows, depending on what you’re using.

Today we discussed in detail the best subtitle editor for your Mac/Windows/Linux/online. So whether you choose the subtitle editor for PC or you are looking for the best subtitle editor for Linux, we have all the details you need.

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Here is a brief overview of the subtitle editing we recommend. Take a look at this.

List Best subtitling editors Supported system Characteristics of the subtitle publishers Evaluation
#1 Aegisub Windows / Mac / Lunix Free; Easy for beginners; Online video preview 5 stars
#2 Subtitle editor dubbing Windows / Mac / Lunix Check for spelling errors in subtitles; Transient mode 5 stars
#3 Subtitling factory Mac Support for srt file; Various subtitle tracks; For MP4/Mov files 4.5 Stars
#4 iToolSoft movie title editor Mac Change subtitles color, location and font 4 stars
#5 Miyu Mac Free for everyone; small and light; easy to use 4 stars
#6 Subtitling seminar Window Latest version 6.0; Multilingual; Supports more than 60 subtitle formats. 5 stars
#7 Subtitles Creator Window Support for adding subtitles to DVDs; Free to use; Text-based subtitles based on 4.5 Stars
#8 VisualSubSync Window Support for srt/sst subtitle files; subtitles for professionals 4.5 Stars
#9 Cape Town Wings Online Intuitive interface; Easy to use; Limited functions 4.5 Stars
#10 Subcategory Horse Online We offer many subtitling courses for beginners and professionals. 4.5 Stars
#11 N ic k s e . d k Online Automatic pause is easy to use; the translation function is powerful 4 stars
#12 SubShifter Online Only the srt subtitle file is supported; change the time gradually. 4 stars
#13 Video Online More than just a subtitle editor, edit your subtitle font like a pro. 4.5 Stars
#14 Dwarf subtitles Linux Support for Srt files; preview videos with online subtitles 4 stars
#15 Gaupol Windows/Linux subtitling dubbing; sound editing; writing subtitles for Chage 5 stars

Part 1: Best subtitles for Mac

Let’s start with Mac. There are many subtitle editors that are suitable for Mac software, if you know where to look.

1. Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor

Aegisub is one of the best subtitle editors for Mac applications. It’s free, works on a variety of platforms and saves time by allowing you to quickly convert your subtitles into sound. It has a real-time video preview tool and a team that makes regular adjustments to improve its products.

A loan for a painting: Aegisub’s Advanced Subtitle Editor


  • Aegisub has a forum where you can discuss any issues and ask other users for help.
  • It is free and requires only one donation, but works as an online subtitling editor for Mac or Windows.
  • It has an integrated troubleshooting system that makes it possible to improve and update the service.

2. JubileesSubtitle Editors

Hubler insists it’s the best subtitles for Mac computers on the market. You can use it to work effectively with text subtitles or to create new text with your video. Refine the most common subtitle formats, all on an open source platform.

A loan for a painting: Cheers


  • Completely free to use and works for donations.
  • Translation mode, color selection, spell check, and the ability to move or reduce subtitles or activate a subtitle preview.
  • Split, merge, time shift, frame rate conversion, and cut, copy, and paste.

3. Factory subtitles

The subtitle factory is relatively easy to understand and manage, and the subtitle editor for Mac. What makes it a good subtitle editing program is that you can create, delete, edit and insert subtitle texts into any video. The scores are lower than in Aegisbub, simply because they are on version 1.2 and all the others are at a more advanced stage.

A loan for a painting: Subtitling factory


  • Use multiple subtitle tracks simultaneously while editing.
  • Easy import of SRT, MP4 and MOV files.
  • The MP4 files remain as they are and the rest is saved as QuickTime movie or MOV files.

4. iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor

iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor is another subtitle editor for Mac that allows you to change the color and font of subtitles. With this program you can even change where they appear on the screen. The IToolSoft Subtitle Editor for Movies allows you to change the resolution and frame rate of subtitles. This software has been rated so highly that it has the Software Informer icon and is guaranteed by Softonic for testing for viruses.

Photo credits: iToolSoft


  • Change the color font or subtitle layout.
  • Download from a reliable source.
  • Adjust the bitrate and resolution so that these subtitles stand out from the others.

5. billion

Miyu is available to anyone with a Mac SX from previous versions. Miyu is designed to take up very little space, making it ideal for any director whose software is burdened by image and storage problems. Miyu offers specialized features and full compatibility with QuickTime movies and MOV files. It’s often popular with Mac subtitle editors.

A loan for a painting: Miyu


  • This subtitle editing program features QuickTime overlays and non-planar QuickTime films.
  • Works with MOV and QuickTime files.
  • LITE – doesn’t take up a lot of space on your car.

Part 2: Best subtitle editor for Windows

Let’s stop talking about tags for a moment and focus on finding the best subtitles for Windows.

6. Subtitling Workshop

Subtitle Seminar is a subtitle editorial tool that works as a free application. With the subtitle master class, you can convert text subtitle files into video files, edit them, and even create new subtitles. Of all the subtitle editing windows you can get, the subtitle workshop offers the greatest savings potential. They offer a program that allows you to store and convert more than 60 different file types using your own API library.

A loan for a painting: Subtitling seminar


  • This internal API library is fantastic and allows you to store more than 60 compatible formats.
  • This subtitle editor contains tutorials that you can view on the website.
  • It is almost completely customizable, whether it’s time and text, length, intelligent string adjustment, spell checking, FPS or language changes.

7. Subtitle designers

Creator subtitles are already available in version 2.0.4 at the time of writing and allow you to add subtitles to any DVD without copyright. Subtitle Creator works in English, French or Dutch and is considered one of the best free subtitle editing programs you can get as a window subtitle editor. This program combines high functionality and compatibility with different format options and the ability to automate the extra service.

A loan for a painting: Subtitles Creator


  • Options to adapt your colour palette to IFO specifications.
  • Converts to SubRIP or micro-DVD files.
  • Stretch subtitles automatically, adjust, wrap, or create bitmap images for your subtitles.

8. VisualSubSync

VisualSubSync uses sound wave representation to create an error-free subtitle editor for the window. Visual subtitles support the SRT and SST/Sondertitle formats and are accompanied by tools such as error checking and networking features to improve subtitle quality.

A loan for a painting: VisualSubSync


  • Create a transcript and sync it with your video.
  • Take part in online lessons that guide you through the process from installation to use.
  • Full control over WAV display and SRT subtitle format

Part 3: Best online subtitle editor

We are now looking at the best online subtitle editorial programs available on the market today.

9. Crown wing

Kapwing is one of the few online subtitle editing systems that allows you to try an example before you can afford a full download. You can download or insert a link to add subtitles to each video. Capwing cleverly assumes that the video is broadcast daily via mobile phone. This means there is a good chance that your viewers are watching without sound. Kapwing makes it possible to add subtitles via an online platform specially designed to make the life of the video editor easier.

A loan for a painting: Cape Town Wings


  • This online subtitle editing software is just as easy to use.
  • You can put your video online immediately on any other platform.
  • You can enter and expand subtitles in an appropriate location.

10. Horse subtitles

Horse offers both free and paid versions of the online subtitle editing software. This browser-based subtitling system can work in real time and create highly customizable subtitles for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

A loan for a painting: Subcategory Horse


  • It comes with manuals, demos, accesses, deceased publishers and a free or paid version.
  • There’s a mobile version of a subtitled horse called a subtitled pony. This allows you to change subtitles online and with your mobile phone.
  • It features interactive time tags and real-time verification.

11. N I c s e . d k

N I k s e . d k is an online subtitle editing program that is still in beta version. One of the best features of this system is the automatic translation service, which allows you to translate subtitles into different languages. In addition, full synchronization with various platforms and online browsers is possible.


  • This is an absolutely free online subtitling editing program.
  • This automatic translation function allows you to watch movies in a foreign language quickly and efficiently.
  • This online editor is incredibly easy to use.

12. Paring knives

SubShifter looks less like the online subtitle editor than the online SRT editor (a tool for rethinking subtitles). Download subtitle files for linear correction in the most convenient way or download a subtitle file with significant time differences and reconsider in seconds. These tools are simple but effective and optimize the synchronization of the subtitle display with little delay.

A loan for a painting: SubShifter


  • SubShifter has a resynchronization tool that allows you to resynchronize subtitles with video files.
  • Allows you to change the timestamp of a movie subtitle file.
  • These are free tools that allow you to change existing subtitles without having to download the full program.

13. Video

Clideo is next in our list of online subtitle editors for PC offers. With this program you can choose to work after an SRT error or to create or convert already existing subtitles in your video. In summary: Allows you to create or use SRT files, and even with the MKV subtitle generator.

A loan for a painting: Video


  • Conversion to and from MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and other file types.
  • Adjust the colour, font, style and size of the subtitles.
  • Full compatibility with the cloud and the ability to add subtitles to any file on the web.

Part 4: Best subtitles for Linux

For those of us who use the Linux operating system, this is one of the best subtitle editors for Linux programs.

14. Dwarf Subtitles

GNOME Subtitles works in harmony with the GNOME Desktop and creates error-free subtitle files for any video file on Linux. It allows you to save and convert the most common file types with minimum effort. Unlike other systems mentioned today, this subtitle editor for Linux contains more than twenty different languages.

A loan for a painting: Dwarf subtitles


  • A wide range of languages that can be translated from one language to another.
  • GNOME user interface with cloud networks.
  • Customizable font options that allow you to change the text until you are happy with it

15. Gaupol

Guapol is another high-end subtitle editor for Linux that makes it possible to work with text subtitle files. You can create, import or export them from scratch, convert, modify and resynchronize them – all from this elegant application.

A loan for a painting: Gaupol


  • Built-in and external video startup is supported.
  • Synchronize sound and text, edit, convert or translate files.
  • It uses the GNOME Desktop, but also works on Windows as a PC subtitle editor.


The top 15 subtitle editors for Mac, Windows, Linux and Online are listed above. Which one do you like? Leave a comment so we know what’s going on.

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