7 Best Educational Apps for Android in 2020

We spent most of this year in our homes. The pandemic has already caused us many problems in the field of education. Schools, colleges and offices were closed in connection with a possible exhibition in Covid-19. That’s why everyone only had one training opportunity. This is done via online services.

While all lessons were online, many platforms were also introduced. These platforms/applications have contributed to making education accessible to all. The introduction of so many online applications offering online courses has proven effective.

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Some of the best education applications in 2020

Google Class

It is one of the most efficient platforms introduced by Google. It offers students a simple learning platform. It creates a virtual classroom for the students. The application is essentially divided into sections for each task. Students will find graduated assignments, lessons and doubts in the application.

The platform has been well received by teachers and students all over the world.


This is one of the most effective applications used in India. After the start of the pandemic in India, this department took over the responsibility for teaching the students. This application is available to download for Android.

He teaches several instructional videos for each subject at each level. Students can also use this application to prepare for entrance exams.

It also offers different sets of tests that allow students to assess themselves. It is one of the most effective platforms the class has brought with it.


edX is one of the best applications for offering certificates online. He brings several courses from Ivy League schools. Universities such as Harvard and MIT are also partners in this application. Mainly to offer their online courses. Here the student can follow the course and receive a diploma in the comfort of his or her home.

This application is available to download for Android. You can take this knowledge platform with you on your mobile phone.

Khan Academy

It is one of the most recognized applications for secondary school students. This platform offers students simple tutorials on any topic. It is a free learning platform accessible to everyone. It also provides knowledge on topics at university level.

Khan Academy is also available on mobile devices such as Android, Ios and Windows. Just download the application and start the learning process.

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Udemy offers thousands of online certification courses for professional development. Free and paid courses are offered. It’s a great platform available for Android devices. Both students and teachers can hone their skills and learn something new.

The online certifications offered by the platforms also look good on your CV. So it’s a great platform to learn something new every day.

Thousands of people have registered on the platform. The application also offered students an excellent learning opportunity.


Byju’s is an interactive learning platform for students from grade 4 onwards. The application also offers weekly homework assignments and tests with which students can assess themselves. It is an interactive platform that provides knowledge on any topic or theme. Byju’s was only founded in 2008, but has become enormously popular during the closed period.


Coursera is one of the latest additions to the list of educational applications. It is one of the most diverse platforms for finding in-depth knowledge that is of particular importance. Exceptional knowledge is conveyed through weekly assignments and lectures by the best Coursera teachers. It is the best platform to pass on knowledge at graduation level.

It offers a world-class faculty to transfer valuable knowledge to students. It also offers practical experience to learn as much as possible.


The pandemic has caused a lot of discomfort in all areas. The education sector has been most affected. But with the introduction of e-learning, the problem has been minimized to a certain extent. These applications have made an important contribution to further work on the problem. These platforms have helped to change the way we learn.

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