A Deep Dive Into Razer Atheris

Deep immersion in razor ether

A mobile mouse is exactly what you need, because you can easily take it with you for a meeting away from your desk or workplace or on a business trip. They are light and safe to carry with a laptop and tend to sacrifice features and cost to remain practical for their purposes. At the bottom are wired mice for the journey. Of course, once you add wireless functionality, it costs more. But you can always find a basic wireless model for about $10 to $15.

These inexpensive items are intended for serious and determined business travelers who, in addition to their hard work, prefer to lock up their laptop and relax. However, the market is changing rapidly. The young players of the 90’s and 2000’s are becoming more and more the businessmen of today.

With the new Atheris, the mobile gaming mouse, Razer’s creator clearly believes that after hours on the road, they want to return to their favorite games. After all, Razer itself was founded in 2005 in San Diego, California, by two players with the aim of developing high-quality products that are exclusively tailored to the demanding needs of players like them.


Below are step-by-step instructions.

In recent years, Razer has made quite an impression on the notebook market with its large screens and comfortable keyboards. However, they were faced with a fundamental problem: Playing with the touch screen is simply unsatisfactory, which affects your performance and your overall experience. But travelling with a large and uncomfortable cable is not the best option either.

Hence Atheris, Razer’s mid-range wireless gaming mouse, which was launched in August 2017. As one of the few manufacturers to make such a product, we want to see if Razer offers enough features and value to make it a good gaming mouse that can be used as a travel mouse.

It is without doubt a very compact wireless mouse and as such an excellent travel accessory. It can easily be carried in a bag, suitcase or backpack, even if it is surprisingly heavy. When connected via USB dongle or Bluetooth, the receiver is saved in the mouse. This gives you the certainty and assurance that it is safe and protected against damage or loss. The biggest danger is to lose it in your pocket, because the mouse is so small.

As we’ll show you later in our review, it’s certainly not perfect, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and most of the time it does it pretty well. Although the Razer Synapse software has some pretty important flaws, we still think that Atheris is the best of all Razer compatible laptop mice.

Who is it for?

As we’ve seen, the Razer Atheris was conceived, designed and built by players; we’d say it was designed with players in mind, not just players.

If you’re on a business trip with your laptop, enjoy an after-work break or a day trip with dynamic action games. Your daily work with a mouse is not exactly suitable for such occasions. If you could bring a normal game mouse, that would be great. But what if you only have room for one in your pocket? Or, more simply, who wants to take two mice on the road?

The Raider saw a niche market for one size. Or at least work and play. As gamers and businessmen, they understood better than anyone that it had to be small and light, with the right ergonomics, dongle storage and software. To date, since its release more than three years ago, Atheris simply has not created much competition for a mobile gaming mouse.

A lightweight, portable and useful device for your laptop, Razer is right on most points. The CPI range is certainly more than sufficient for its dual purpose. And even if it’s not as adaptable as some of the other models, it’s a particularly game-oriented mouse, not a hybrid work/game mouse that Atheris also offers. It is a good choice, also for increasing productivity, for business people, other employees and students who are regularly on the road. Especially if they’re also actors.

It’s one of the smallest mice we’ve ever used and considered. Some previous users have complained that it was too small, so it may not be suitable for you if you have large hands. While it is true that the design and thus the attractiveness of the mouse was improved by adding the right mouse button in subsequent iterations, the constant problems with the Razer software, the only significant part of the product they tried to update, prevented it from being a complete success. Besides, it might seem too expensive for some people.

Of course, it is always best to use a full-size mouse in your desktop settings to increase productivity. With a specialized game mouse for home. But at least Ateris is the right device for its specific purpose.

What do we like about Atheris?

The Razer Atheris is a very flat mouse that is very easy to transport.
His design was not too advanced. That, and you won’t look disobedient when you bring it to a meeting. For example, there is no backlight. It’s pretty obvious compared to some of the brand’s shiny kits. The only distinguishing element is the small Razer logo on the pillow. Of course it all depends on personal preferences, but we find Ateris quite reserved, functional and attractive.

It has a flat, smooth top frame with ribbed rubber sides for better traction. The scroll wheel has a sturdy construction and a coarse texture for ease of movement. The Atheris itself is easy to move thanks to three sliding cushions on the underside, one of which covers the entire back of the unit.

Measuring 3.9 x 2.5 inches, it is one of the smallest Reiser mice. In addition, the wireless connection avoids cable clutter. You can simply throw it into a travel bag, thanks in part to the slot in the mouse in which the receiver can be placed. And with its simple installation, we found it impossible to beat it for an easy trip.

The most important feature is the wireless connection, both via USB dongle and Bluetooth. It’s handy if you’ve forgotten it or lost your grip. In theory, the former provides a stronger and more reliable connection. But we’ve discovered that both work, just like the others. At least on our computers. The 2.4 GHz USB dongle can be stored under the dongle while travelling, which is very convenient in combination with Atheris’ pocket size.

It is powered by two AA batteries, which according to Reiser should work up to 350 hours. This of course depends on the type of connection and the length of overtime of the sensor. With an easy-to-use and customizable sleeper, we’ve spent just over 200 hours testing a range of games and working with Bluetooth connectivity. Always impressive.

Installation is easy when connecting to a USB port or Bluetooth. Click both buttons at the same time and a window will open where you can download Razers Synapse to configure and unlock your mouse functions. Take it and he’ll install it.

Atheris is very suitable for gaming (ish) and office use. Once you get used to his short profile, you’ll find that Atheris handles most of the Razer mice in the game perfectly. The 7200 DPI optical sensor is sensitive enough for gaming and even more for operation. In combination with an ultrapolling speed of 1000 Hz, it also works for on-the-go play.

What we don’t like about the AtherisReaser.

What many people see in the most important virtue of the Razer Atheris is probably its most polarizing characteristic. It is about as compact as a game mouse and can be a curse or a blessing, depending on the size of your hands.

It’s good for small or medium hands, but for large hands it won’t be very easy or comfortable to play for a few hours. You’ll shake your hand to get it. If you have very big hands, you have to look somewhere else for a mouse.

With two AA batteries it weighs about 4 ounces. Still good, but not particularly light, especially and surprising given the small profile. Ironically, it looks heavier because the weight is tight and it took several sets to get used to the extra resistance that comes with that extra weight.

Of course, personal preferences play a role here. Some people don’t hesitate to shoot a heavy mouse. Let’s say that for us, this is the upper tolerance limit for fast-growing real-time games. With some highly specialized games, you can feel the limits of design.

Of course it is smoother and more attractive than its inferior competitors, but for some it can still be too slippery. The front panel is made of a single piece of plastic with a black matt surface. And except for the small flashing LED on the battery, there is no backlight. It is, of course, subtle and discreet; red if the charge falls below a user-defined percentage. But how convenient is that? A small pop-up window on the screen can easily disrupt your concentration in the game, but the downside can be a total loss of power if you don’t see a faint blink, which is completely covered by your hand during the game anyway.

No wonder the traveller took the path with both hands to welcome all the images on this traveling mouse. But of course that makes them less ergonomic than a manual design. In general, the ambitious design of the standard mouse does not include a horizontal arch supporting the lower half of the arm. With the non-standard handle, which is awkward due to its small size, players can finally feel the excitement of the marathon sessions.

Often we had to move the mouse from one finger to another instead of constantly holding it in our hands. Although it is probably not the most accurate way to work with a mouse, it does not seem to have affected our games or productivity. At least not once you get used to it.

The two buttons on the side are too close together to be easily distinguished by the thumb. A slightly greater distance would make all the difference, but it is a functional sacrifice to make with street mice. By definition, they are simply not big enough to be loaded with extra buttons.

Some users have written about the quality of the assembly; they have complained that the top cover sometimes comes loose during transport. We haven’t noticed, but we think it’s probably a design flaw. Or at least possible improvements for future model updates.

In our opinion the batteries should be behind a thin and (easily) brittle top, because then they need to be removed less often. But only if you change them. However, if the key is kept in this place, the risk of sabotage of the magnetoresistant front panel increases with the frequency with which it has to be removed. Especially because this plate is already difficult to remove, as long as you don’t learn how to lift it with a small nail collar. Many manufacturers do this correctly by keeping the dongle at the bottom. Hopefully the Augmentative will correct this in the future revision of Athiris.

The Razer Atheris is equipped with Hypershift, which can double the available mouse button action. It’s a good idea that you would have the advantage if Atheris had more than six buttons, most of which are locked or too critical in their default functionality to go to a second action. A week later, we disabled that feature.

Multifunction keys are missing. Yes, DPI is set manually with the middle button under the wheel, but you also need to use the new Razer Synapse 3 software to customize game profiles and map macros.

Synapse 3 contains all the features you’d expect from a game, but it’s still in beta, the user interface and subsequent navigation is rather clumsy. We haven’t found a way to close profiles for games, which we could do with Synapse 2. We also haven’t been able to find any important gameplay settings, such as the ability to control acceleration.

Synapse 2 is superior to Synapse 3 in all respects, although it is much more attractive to look at. And also the addition of an extra Hypershift. The large, colorful icons of the second have replaced the endless dropdown menus of the first. But those attacks made Synapse 2 look pretty stupid. Instead, Synapse 3.0 has tabs within the tabs that take some confusing steps to do what should be a simple one-time task.

In general, the Synapse 2 utility has much more specific executable profiles and separate DPI axes. At the moment Synapse 3 has much less of these important features for players and employees. No doubt this beta will change as development progresses, but Razer won’t show you, at least not for now, when this could happen.

For example, when Synapse # can mean that the same frustrating macro editor as Synapse 2 is improved. The other Razer Atheris rivals that we have reviewed allow you to create and complicate macros or perform click and other release actions. Editing macro keys is a similar story; of course it’s fairly easy to display keys the way you want them, but without advanced features such as the ability to link them together, it’s just a matter of superficiality. These are small but important features that the players in the league would have wanted and expected.

In addition to macros, Synapse 3 does not have the ability to link profiles to games, as Synapse 2 does, but the NON-NOTE version supports corner connections or software-controlled accelerations and decelerations. Users won’t miss it, but some players will.

Moreover, there is no way to prevent Synapse 3 from running on Windows except to remove it completely. Worse, some games (Overwatch, StarCraft: Remastered and World of Warcraft) didn’t work at all! Even if you go to the menus of each game and try to assign mouse profiles, Synapse 3 simply exits the menu without saving the changes. There doesn’t seem to be any indication as to why some games worked and others didn’t.

Although this is not a criticism of Atheris in particular, we are faced with a perhaps even bigger problem with the new software. It looks like you can’t play Overwatch if you have the Chroma SDK installed. Even if the SDK is not installed because there is no light in Atheris, you may want to install it. Of course, but expect Overwatch to crash immediately, as it did, until we remove the Chroma SDK. This problem has long been known in the forums, although Overwatch may be one of the main reasons why you want to have a game mouse in the first place.

If you want to continue using Synapse, you need to register a personal account with Razer, separate from the product warranty registration. If you feel uncomfortable, remember to enter your name, nickname, password and active email account to confirm the company.


  • Compact dimensions
  • A discreet yet elegant and seductive design.
  • Small and portable
  • Travelling in peace and quiet
  • Wireless transmission time is sufficiently short
  • Impressive performance
  • An excellent optical sensor
  • Unlimited profiles for some games
  • Excellent and reliable wireless USB and Bluetooth connection
  • Light on energy consumption
  • User-adjustable standby function


  • Surprisingly heavy for its size.
  • Serious software errors
  • The macro editor should be inflated.
  • Design can be improved
  • The battery and the USB stick can be returned.
  • The side keys are too close together.
  • Overall design, but with buttons on one side.
  • Almost just for grabbing the fingertips.
  • It’s uncomfortable and even inappropriate if you have big hands.
  • Less accurate production than life-size models
  • The quality of the assembly is affected by the weakening of the upper cover.
  • Extended registration requirements

What’s going on?

Everything you need, which by definition is a travel accessory and therefore small and portable, is not so much. You get the mouse itself, with the Razer Synapse 3 software already downloaded, a built-in USB dongle, 2 AA batteries, a user manual with separate information for easy installation and a warranty card. That’s all, and you can go!

Functional overview

Razer Atheris is a hybrid mouse for PC and Mac that uses the Microsoft Windows operating system for the Razer Synapse 3 software. Simple but attractive, it is available in classic black, mercury white and a limited edition Star Wars Stormtrooper.

Because it is small and compact, it forms a large perimeter if you are constantly on the road or on the road. While a typical gaming mouse is about 5 inches long, nearly 3 inches wide and 2 inches high, the Atheris is 3.9 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and 1.3 inches high. This makes the mouse a mobile or street mouse. Although without the batteries it weighs 2.3 ounces, when using the batteries it increases to almost 4 ounces.

The design is neat but flexible. For example, no RGB lighting. Easy to use left and right buttons, a sturdy, coarsely textured scroll wheel built in for ease of movement, two small thumb buttons for backlash and point-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity control. The only real distinguishing feature, apart from the Stormtrooper edition, is the small Razer logo in the palms of the hands. Although the ribbed rubber sides offer extra aesthetics in addition to grip.

The only light is an LED in the central slide. When Atheris is turned on, it appears in green for a very short period of time, then in blue once it is fully online. When the battery is low, the battery flashes red twice at regular intervals.

Below you will find the highly responsive and accurate optical sensor with 7200 DPI. With on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment and ultra-high 1000 Hz in a compact, portable size, this mouse is more than effective on the go and a solid gaming choice. At the bottom there is also a stroke distance slider to set the distance at which the sensor stops monitoring on a scale from 1 to 10.

There’s also a three-way switch: Disabled and two in the selectable Bluetooth wireless pairing settings or the built-in 2.4GHz USB number with adaptive frequency technology. In addition, three sliding cushions on the underside make the whole thing smooth, one of which takes up the entire back of the camera.

Atheris works with two AA batteries (included), which according to Mr Reiser provide up to 350 hours of operation. This of course depends on the type of connection and the drive you make with the sensor over time. We exhausted the possibilities of Atheris by using Bluetooth in various action games and at work, and it took us just over 200 hours.

Review overview

Yes, the Razer Atheris has some important software problems, which we hope to correct and update in the near future. But as hardware and especially as an accessory for the growing range of Razer notebooks, it is an attractive, reliable and more than functional peripheral computer. By placing the defective software in one direction, Atheris works very well for the mouse itself.

Maybe the small profile is not suitable for everyone, but if you’re a mobile gamer (I admit, with medium sized pens!), the Razer Atheris is a worthwhile purchase. Especially if you’re also a business traveller.

If you want a wireless mouse with a small form factor, easy to use for work and play, you can do much worse than the Razer Atheris. There are no advanced functions such as angle hooks, distance assistant or advanced macro editor. But no standard mobile mouse does that.

It is true that it is a bit heavy, especially considering its size, but we think it more than makes up for this weakness in other ways. The Razer Atheris is a beautiful, modest and attractive mobile mouse with a very good optical sensor. It has an excellent response time and maximum battery life.

Some may think that the price is a bit high, but fortunately Razer often lowers his prices, especially in the months after the release. Another potential benefit of waiting should be the likely introduction of additional features in the updated Synapse 3 beta. Their software is not as advanced as that of their competitors and they certainly lack some of the advanced features that hardcore gamers would need.

But especially with the super modern Synapse 3, Atheris is a good mobile mouse for gamers, both at work and in leisure. Besides the peculiarities of Synapse 3 software, such as the hybrid mouse/work game, Razer Atheris is different from all the others. Maybe even a rather unique product without many direct competitors. If its basic shape and functions meet your needs, requirements and lifestyle, you can’t make the mistake of buying a Razer Atheris.

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