Best Scum Server Hosting in 2021

Scum is one of the most popular survival games among serious gamers. The story of the scum revolves around a reality show in which you are a prisoner on a gigantic island. The scavenger game is similar to other survival games in that you have to fight death, forge clothes and hunt animals.

The developers have implemented many things to make Scum a hardcore survival game. You should consider stamina, hydration, age, addictions, clothing, number of teeth, body fat content and many other aspects.

You can choose to play Scum solo, but if you want to survive and have fun in the long run, you need to play online. Online games allow you to collaborate with other players and work together to achieve your goals. In order for you and your team to enjoy the game, you need to invest in the best riff-raff server hosting.

Servers designed for gaming are much better than traditional servers because they are optimized with speeds and features that make online gaming smooth and fun. Without further ado, let’s enter the top three best servers dedicated to scum.

Top 3 best trashservers seen

ZAP accommodation

ZAP hosting

➕ For

  • Live chat support function
  • Price per time slot available on
  • Own web interface
  • Automated configuration
  • DDoS protection

➖ Disadvantages

  • You will have to pay a small fee for the backup.

Starting price : 3.56| Immediate installation : Yes | DDoS protection : Free| Slots: 4-64 | free trial: No


ZAP Hosting is one of the leading hosting providers specializing in online game servers. This company has been in the industry since 2010 and therefore has unparalleled experience in hosting dedicated game servers.

If you don’t know what the best junk server hosting is, you can rely on to get your junk server running. What makes this company different from others?

First of all, setting up a game server with ZAP is relatively easy. After payment, everything is almost immediately arranged for you.

Of course you can make various configuration changes and adjust settings after logging into the control panel.

Secondly, ZAP Hosting supports a wide range of payment methods. It should be easy to pay for a riff-raff server, as most payment methods are available worldwide.

For example, you can use a credit card or pay via PayPal or Bitcoin.

This company understands that players want to play on fast, stable and responsive servers. That is why ZAP Hosting invests in hardware for companies.

All their game servers run on processors with lots of DDR4 RAM, high-speed processors and the latest SSDs. You can at least expect your scrap server to have low ping, high FPS and high latency.

The advantage of ZAP Hosting is that all their game servers DDoS are secure and very flexible. You have the ability to switch from one game to another without having to go through a long process.

In addition, this host checks for updates for all Steam games. In case of an update, you will be notified via the control panel. In addition, updating the game server should be easy as it only requires two clicks.

GTXGaming UK


➕ Click here for

  • Safe and secure servers
  • A nice web interface
  • Game replacement tool
  • has a backup system

➖ Disadvantages

  • Some cops are a little tough

Starting price : Soon: Yes | DDoS protection : Free slot machines : Soon, free test: No


GTXGaming is another company you can count on when it comes to game servers. The company was founded in 2007 and continues to evolve to provide the best service to professional players.

Today GTXGaming has a network of data centers on almost every continent.  Now anyone can create a trashserver without having to worry about low bandwidth and high pings. If you are looking for the best hosting for your crappy servers, you should choose GTX.

When you rent a riff-raff server from GTX, you have full control over the game. For example, you can B. Set your preferences, make changes to your game and most importantly, you are the one who ultimately decides who joins your server. You can also expel players who cheat at any time.

When it comes to server reliability and security, it can’t go wrong with GTX. We can combine this with 24/7 monitoring and control, free DDoS protection and guaranteed uptime.

As you know, all their game servers are hosted on machines equipped with NVMe SSD drives, powerful processors and DDR4 RAM.

Furthermore, GTX Gaming gives you access to a customizable TCadmin control panel where you can change server settings and install modems and plugins. You should also be able to schedule tasks to perform backups, scripts, and so on.

Finally, GTX offers support 24 hours a day. You can always contact them via chat or e-mail if you have problems with your server.



➕ To the

  • 48 hours free trial
  • Direct server configuration
  • Game panel compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers
  • Full access via FTP/File Browser
  • DDoS protection and full backup system

➖ Disadvantages

  • No live chat function and highly dependent on the ticket system.

Starting price : 13.72 Immediate installation : Yes | DDoS protection : Free| Slots : 10 – 60 | free test : Yes


Our last choice in this review article was Pingperfect, a company that rents game servers worldwide.

So if you’re looking for the perfect rental server for riffraff, PingPerfect might be your best option. Here are some of the features you could enjoy at this gameserver hosting company.

PingPerfect’s Scum servers are quite affordable, with the cheapest option costing $13.72 per month. Depending on the chosen rental period, discounts are also possible. In most cases, you get a 15% discount if you pay annually, 10% if you pay half-yearly and 5% if you pay quarterly.

PingPerfect performs the installation automatically after you have completed the purchase of the leased Scum Server. You also have access to an intuitive game panel that allows you to customize and change your server.

In addition, all Scum servers have full FTP access. You can still use the file browser and FTP protocol if you want to upload files, mods and plugins to your game server.

Unlike other game server hosting providers, PingPerfect knows that managing a riff-raff server can be difficult.

Fortunately, as an administrator, PingPerfect allows you to create a nested user partition, which is the only way to give a friend rights to help you manage the server.

Other great features include DDoS protection, free web hosting, fast customer support, game switching and a full backup system.

What is the best riff-raff server hosting?

There are a few junk server hosting providers in the industry, but not everyone can be successful. As you can see in our test section, only three hosts have what it takes to be among the best.

A good reject server host should have decent client support, provide backups, allow game switching and, most importantly, offer fast and smooth game play.

Always look for a game server provider that gives you full control over your scrap server. You can also view comments from other players who have used their servers. Overall, ZAP, GTXGaming and PingPerfect hosting should work perfectly.

Can you host your own riff-raff server?

Yes, it is possible to host a private dedicated SCUM server directly from your computer. You need a reliable internet connection and a PC with a fast processor, an up-to-date graphics card, an SSD drive and lots of DDR4 memory.

If you want your friends to use your Scum server, you need CPU power 24 hours a day. No money is needed to host your own game server. All you need is a copy of Steam’s game.

How much does a riff-raff server cost?

The cost of a junk server depends on the hosting provider you choose. Prices can also rise depending on the server configuration – the more features and processing power, the higher the price.

Other factors that may affect the cost of your Scum server include the brand, server type, additional memory, VIP support priority, MySQL database and lease period.

Things to take into account when purchasing a better drain server

It’s hard to find good junk server hosts, and before you throw your money away, always consider the factors below. In fact, these factors should help you determine whether a particular server host is ideal for you.


In order to enjoy a smooth game, you must have a good connection to the game server. This is a server with a low ping rate and good latency.

The best ping should be under 100, but a ping around 100 – 150 should also work well. With these ping rates, you don’t have to worry about delays.

Multiple Actors

The number of people you play with is important, because you have to adapt the server to the size of your team.

Most servers allow a minimum of ten players, while some have an unlimited number of players.

A large team may need more CPU power and extra memory because the server has more information to process.

Game server locations

The location of the server is an important factor when choosing a riff-raff server. You need to choose a server closer to your country to benefit from faster data transfer speeds. At least everything you do while playing loads fast.

Sometimes all your game partners or team members are on different continents. In this case, you want the game server to be centralized so that everyone can benefit from fast loading times.

Permitted operating modes

Does the hosting provider of the server allow mods? If so, is it easy to install the authorized mods? Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing a provider.

Always choose a server that allows you to change and install mods with a single click.


The best hosting provider should ensure that all its customers can easily configure their servers. In most cases it will be set up automatically as soon as you have made the payments.

Usually the company gives you access to a control panel where you can configure your server settings and make configuration changes.

DDoS protection

As you probably know, hackers are always looking for loopholes to attack your server. If this happens, your server may be removed or, even worse, it will become unavailable.

To avoid such scenarios, you want to rent a scrap server on a host with internal DDoS protection. Fortunately, all companies surveyed offer free DDoS protection.

Design cycle or duration

If you are looking for a riff-raff server, it is important to check the different billing cycles available. In most cases companies have monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual payment cycles.

A monthly billing cycle is preferable because you will test the performance and other features before deciding whether you want to keep them for the long term.

You can always opt for a longer billing cycle if you want to save money. Most companies offer discounts of up to 15% if you opt for annual payments. Longer billing cycles only make sense if you’re sure you can play the scum over a longer period of time.


Customer support is one of the main reasons why players rent game servers. It would be a waste of resources if a game server hosting company couldn’t help you if you had a problem with your junk server.

A good hosting provider needs to invest in employees who have a lot of knowledge of games and servers. In addition, assistance must be available 24 hours a day and response times must be short.

Final reflection

Scum is one of the most authentic survival games you can find. However, you can only enjoy Scum if you play on the best Scum hosting servers.

Even if there are multiple hosts, we have reduced the number of companies you can trust. Choose the right host and enjoy the game. Good luck!

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