Buying & Installing Ski Carbides in 2020

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The boom connection is one of the most important parts of the snowmobile, because it allows you to control the snowmobile. But wait, what are carbides?

looks very scary, it contains only
rods, which differ from the common metal.

Does that arouse your curiosity?

Well, keep reading to learn all about snowmobile carbides.

My personal recommendation

If I have to recommend the best carbides for snowmobiles in 2020, I will use SnowStuds snowmobile carbides.

If you look at the details of SnowStuds Skikarbid, you will see that it also gets good feedback from users.

Snowstuds is one of the most aggressive tungsten carbide skates on the market, made of high quality tungsten carbide. It is easy to say that it is one of the strongest bars on the market. It is equipped with a hard filler metal to prolong its service life.

consists of large 2-inch components, a 60 degree rotation from tungsten carbide to tungsten carbide, and a 1/2-inch
host rod. This is carbide soldering on 4 surfaces, giving
a seamless joint and an additional advantage without having to worry about
corrosion on the welds.

Tungsten Carbide SnowStuds are also equipped with a tip wear plate on each boom, which also contributes to excellent durability. It is built with transport cushions at the front and back.

models are available for all brands of snowmobiles or replacement skis. On the
there is only the demand for the right seat and the
offers a smooth and fast ride.

What is
– Snowmobile Carbides?

Snowmobile carbides resemble metal bars of a certain length. But we all know it’s not just about metal rods, it’s a lot more. So let’s take a closer look at the snowmobile carbides.

Wear-resistant rods are replaceable slides that are screwed under the ski bolts. They are essential for driving a snowmobile; without them, you slide off the track when turning, because they penetrate the snow and help steer the engine’s power in the right direction.

The construction of the replacement ski can be considered as the base of the ski, which has the position to attach the ski to the skis, while part of it is covered with another material, such as (welded, etc.), such as steel or carbide, the two most commonly used materials.

It is not surprising that carbide snowmobiles are known as snowmobile carbides.

Since they are required for the operation of
, in the event of problems with the control system or operation of
, the wear bars up to and including
should be inspected to verify that they function satisfactorily and are not worn.

-Tyres should be inspected and replaced regularly to reduce the risk of an accident with
due to misuse, which can be very dangerous for the

Carbide wear strips

snowmobile wear rods are supplied with steel rods, hence the
rod is generally referred to as a wear rod. On the other hand,
carbide wear bars are now known as snowmobile carbides or just

There are also
hard bars – these are just standard wear bars, but with
beads or welding beads along the length, which makes
steel softer, harder where it is welded, and therefore more durable. Carbides are actually short carbide welding beads attached to conductors.

These carbide tracks offer excellent grip on ice and hard surfaces, while making it easier to drive a sled because the carbide penetrates better and can easily penetrate the snow, simply because the carbide is much harder.

In the case of steel wear bars, ice and packed snow, where the wear bars tend to slide straight, even if they run to the right or left, as opposed to carbide strips. But carbide steel is a very high quality steel from which it derives its curing properties.

This hardness means that it poses a number of other problems, such as the fact that it is very difficult to machine, it requires special equipment, etc.

for the purchase of carbides for snowmobiles

Before you buy
carbide, you must have examined and tested the following


Think about the brand and model of the snowmobile you use. In general, the above model
, as well as the types of wear belts, is sufficient for the model

Of course this is
, but these are just general instructions to find the right
carbides. The area of application varies depending on the size of the rider, the aggressiveness of the
rider, the setting of the snowmobile (number of studs
, length of skis and ears and the pressure of the skis) and the type of terrain on which you are going to ride

is an option for

Bearing bars can bend under a sudden force exerted on them or under heavy load, but if they have no fractures (cracks, etc.) on the side in contact with the ground, they can be maintained and reused.

you can just put the sock strips in the vice and try to make them look like
by bringing them back to their normal shape.

Another normal problem with
is blunting, which can occur when skiing for a long time on a very rough
surface. It is also easy to repair,
just use an angle grinder and grind it. Special instruments are also available on the market for this purpose.

if your rods are in good condition, why don’t you make the best of

Carbide substance

Normally the steering response of longer steel wear bars does not change much, but this is not the case with carbides.

The longer the tungsten carbide, the more reactive the control. So choose the length at which the sensitivity is most suitable.

Another point that should be mentioned when discussing the length of the wear strips is that the shorter the wear strips are chosen, the faster they wither, because a smaller surface area means that they have to absorb a larger load and thus the rate of erosion increases.

If you add extra nails and/or change the length of the rail ends, you will want to add longer carbides. Indeed, the
with the extra rear grip of the
and the use of short carburettors will tend to push in turns, or simply, the
will not have enough bite to change direction fast enough for the
ski to change direction in a turn.

Tungsten carbide type

In general, carbide can be purchased from the manufacturer if it offers sets for your skis, and from other manufacturers who can produce carbide for skis whose manufacturers do not offer it.

Also if you want to spend more money, you can always order
-carbide custom made for your
-skis, specially designed for your

in total is here, if you buy
from the manufacturer or custom made, there is no problem.
However, when purchasing replacement parts, make sure they are compatible with your

Carbide cutting rate

The degree of cut of
tungsten carbide is also important because it affects the durability of
tungsten carbide.

cut at 60 degrees gives you more bite when the carbides are new, but the
, because it concentrates more weight on the tip, the
will wear out faster. The 90 degree tungsten carbide won’t bite you that much with the new
, but it will last much longer and offer a better long term

when you think of the steering response, go to
carb 60 degrees.

Adjustment and alignment of skis

The adjustment of the suspension and the alignment of the skis also affect the operation of the device. The wear-resistant slats are designed and tested on standard snowmobiles with factory pre-set front and rear suspension in accordance with rider weight recommendations.

It is strongly recommended that the suspension, in particular the rear suspension and the front arm suspension adjuster, be reset to the factory settings and that the ski alignment be checked when not in use at the factory.

If you want more information about front and rear suspension, you can read my other article about snowmobile suspension. I told them everything about snowmobile suspensions, from disassembling and installing new suspensions to building existing suspensions.


we learned in this article how carbides can help improve the steering response in
and give you tighter turns. Although the
is expensive to start with, it should be noted that the
offers excellent value for money for a while because of its durability, and once you start using the
, there is no turning back, because the
offers much better control over your skis compared to steel bars for wear and tear.

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