Decorate your Windows 10 desktop with these winter themes

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen new Windows themes on Winaero. Let’s settle this today with a series of beautiful winter themes for this holiday season.

Every year Microsoft releases a series of new backgrounds and themes to decorate the Windows desktop with whimsical backgrounds. This year’s holidays are no exception. There are now a number of new themes available for download and application in the Microsoft Store.

If you are not familiar with the process, please read this message before continuing.

To save themes on Windows 10

The following winter themes can be downloaded.

Glow of winter holidays

For some of us, holidays are all about details. Small decorations, biscuits and the warmth of decorative lighting fill you with Christmas spirit with this free 9-picture theme for Windows 10.

Download the theme of the winter holiday glow

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

Celebrate the new year with spectacular fireworks in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. This free set of 16 Windows themes travels from Singapore to Montreal, from Berlin to Tokyo, from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam.

Download here the fireworks about the New Year theme.

Warm winter nights

Comfortable cabs light up a snowy night in this 18-photo set, free for Windows 10 themes.

Download the theme here.

Snow sculptures

From cute families of snowmen to majestic castles and intricate trains, admire the sparkling creations in this 14-piece set, available free for Windows 10 themes.

Download the theme Snow sculptures.

Dogs in winter

The grass and foliage may have faded, but not the playful mood of the ice-cold dogs in this free 15-bit Windows theme.

Download the theme here.

Moose hygiene premium

Comfort and community are the essence of hygiene. Enter a warm atmosphere with these 16 premium 4k images, free for Windows 10 themes.

Download the Hygge Moment premium theme here.

Ski paradise

Whether it’s Bunny Slope or Double Diamond, imagine the thrill of those snow-covered slopes in this set of 16 images, free for Windows 10 themes.

Download the theme of the ski paradise.

PREMIUMIce crystals

Save your desktop from icy whirlpools and intricate patterns in these 15 premium 4K graphics available for free on Windows 10 themes.

Download the theme Ice Crystals PREMIUM.

Don’t forget to check out the following 4K Theme Packages in Microsoft Store. You’re really great:

Download these great 4K premium themes for Windows 10

If you have many themes installed and don’t need them anymore, you can uninstall the custom themes you installed manually or through the store at once. Uninstall all installed themes at once in Windows 10.

file format *.deskthemepack

Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft has invented a new theme format – the Theme Pack. It is intended to consolidate all the thematic resources in a single file and to facilitate the sharing of these themes. In Windows 8, the file format has been changed to a desktop package and support has been added to indicate whether the color of the window should be set automatically based on the dominant color of the desktop background. Windows 10 supports theme and desktop package formats. Technically, the theme and desktop packages are usually ZIP or CAB archives with images, and the *.theme text file associated with the image names is wrapped in a long text block.

Interested users can extract images directly from these files. This may be useful for Windows 7 users because the operating system does not support *.deskthemepack files. An alternative solution to Windows 7 is the Desktop Pack Installer, an application that allows you to install Windows 10 and Windows 8 themes on Windows 7 with a single click.

Deskthemepack installation application running on Windows 7.

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