Different Types of data entry services

Many companies around the world outsource a variety of data entry services to experts specialising in different tasks. This enables organizations to manage complex projects without having to expand their internal teams. If you have performed online data entry tasks, you may have offered different services to different customers. Each company is unique and may require specific data entry services. Discover some of the types of data entry services you can offer.


Data input services can be divided into two broad categories, offline and online. They are characterised by the fact that offline data entry services do not require an Internet connection, while online data entry requires an Internet connection for data processing. If you offer offline data collection services, you can easily send the processed files to the company that needs them or transfer them to a database. If you want to perform offline data entry tasks, you can start with simple tasks such as filling out forms offline.

On the other hand, online data entry consists of entering data into a computer system when using an Internet connection. Most people with data entry experience choose these jobs because they are better paid than offline data entry tasks. However, these services require a lot of work. Online data entry tasks include the online editing and updating of the database.

The company may ask you to place product data on your e-commerce site or to update software such as CRM. You only need basic computer skills to provide online or offline data entry services. You should be prepared to spend time entering data because you may have a lot of work to do.

Data cleaning

The company database must be well organized to enable a quick search. When you work in data entry, you are sometimes asked to provide data cleaning services. This includes organising the data in the database and ensuring its accuracy. You may need to update this information from time to time and remove any duplicate or inaccurate information. Some people call this kind of data cleaning service. You may also be involved in updating your CRM or revising certain information. If you need someone who can provide data cleansing services

Data processing

Many organizations also hire employees who can process the data. This service includes the collection and modification of data so that it can be used in a variety of ways. The experts of this service must prepare the data in such a way that they can serve a specific purpose in the future. Many organizations can benefit from data processing because it not only enables better information collection, but also prevents the loss of information.

Over time, each company should strive to keep up with technological progress. Data processors collect and process raw data to help companies follow trends. In addition to data extraction, other tasks related to data processors include the import of claims, product processing and accounting.

Data classification

If you have excellent organizational skills, you should consider offering data classification services for different companies. The data are divided into different categories based on certain characteristics. Although sorting a large amount of data can take time, you can help the company better store information for quick access. In addition to classifying and sorting data into specific categories, you can also participate in other tasks, such as B. Commenting, indexing and marking data.

Data conversion

Since paper documents are not very relevant in this digital age, companies hire data entry experts to convert these documents into digital formats. If you have experience with data entry, you should not consider data conversion to be very complex. In an IT environment, data is often encoded in different ways.

Sometimes you are asked to convert information from one format to another, for example from pdf to XML or from jpg to pdf. These tasks can be performed manually or using a single conversion program. Data conversion also includes editing photos, decoding sounds or copying data from certain handwritten notes. As with other services, you do not need advanced skills to convert data.

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