Free Clash of clans Accounts (TH -11, 12) October 2020

Last update : October 2020

In this article I will explain how to get a free clan-collision account. If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard of Clash or Clans or COC and probably played this game.

What is a Premium Clash or Clans account?

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer online game of fantasy, war and battle. In this exciting game you have to build a village and an army, which you can expand and upgrade to higher levels of fantasy and play. They have to build a village, plan strategies and spend money on it. You must protect your village. It is a free game, but it has a number of features such as gold, elixirs, dark elixirs and gems, etc. that users can buy and play faster. The Premium Clash of Clans account allows you to receive these purchases free of charge in the application.

Clash & Clans BenefitsPremium Account

  • Your account will not be blocked.
  • With a premium account you have unlimited and free access to gold, elixirs, dark elixirs and gems.
  • The capacity of your troops increases by a factor of 10. That way you can build up more powerful troops.

1. Standard path – free account for Clash of Clans

This is the number one solution, but you won’t get a premium account this way.

  1. Open a game operation.
  2. Look for clan clashes.
  3. Download and install it.
  4. Open it.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen of the villager.

There you will be asked to fill in your name and the village will become yours.

2. Mod APK – free account for Clash of Clans

Yes, you can get the premium features of your clan premium account via mod apk. You can receive an unlimited number of gems, troops, etc., depending on the apk you have downloaded. Click here to see the list of COC Mod Apk on the left.

We are not responsible for what happens to your account when you use the apk mod. COC can block your account if you use the apk mod.

3. Facebook Groups – Free Clan Fighting Account

Many groups on Facebook offer a free clan-collision account. You can use your account because Facebook groups offer free accounts every day. That would be the safest way to get the bill.

Discover Facebook groups for COC accounts here

4. Youtube Channels – Free account for Clash of Clans

Youtube channels are also one of the ways to view the clan newspaper for free. Several Youtube channels offer free daily and weekly mailings. You have to subscribe to it and click on the bell symbol. You will be notified of every video they publish.

Watch the Youtube video for COC accounts here.

5. Free – Free clan clash account is a website offering high quality clan collisions for free. They publish daily reports. You need to visit their website daily to get a free clan account. The chance of getting a free coke account depends on your luck.

6. Use these free accounts COC October 2020 – TH -11

The free coke accounts listed below are 100% operational. If this does not work, please leave your comments below.

Hint: Do not change the passwords so that everyone can enjoy the game.


There were 5 methods to get a free clan collision account. These are the best and most legal ways to get a free COC account. There are a lot of password lists on the internet, but it never works.
Leave comments below and come back later to see more!

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