How to Add Games to Discord Library

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  • How do I add games to Discord?
  • Library of discord

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At this stage it is safe to say that Discord has become one of the most popular programs for transparent communication between players. Moreover, it soon becomes a kind of social network where you can create different channels and chats and invite your friends to have a good time. You can even create bots and let them play music, moderate, delete old messages and use limited features.

In short, if you’re looking for the best gaming experience and have the right communication tools while playing, just use Discordance and you’re done. The disagreement turns into a real digital showcase where you can buy and play games. You can even add your own games bought in other stores to Discord.

If you’re considering adding a game to Discord, the process is simple enough not to worry, but we’ll guide you through it anyway.


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How do I add games to Discord?

If you install a game on your device and it is supported by Discord, it will be added to the Discord library. And every time you start a particular game, your disagreement state will be displayed, and it will indicate the state you are playing in that particular game. Play hours are also available throughout the country. If you z. B. have played FIFA 18 in the last hour, FIFA 18 Play will be displayed within 1 hour.

Follow these steps to add games to Discordance and see the status of the games.

  • Start the Discord application. Then click or select Custom Settings in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • In the User Preferences window, click the Game Activity tab in the left pane.
  • Then set the switch to show the current game as a status message. Each game installed on your device or system is displayed in the library below.
  • If you don’t see your game, click on Add and find it. Once you’ve found your game, select it. If it is supported by Discord, it will be added to the library and a small blue check mark will appear next to it.
  • Then, when you play the game you just added, Discordance will automatically indicate that you are playing that game. Everyone who sees your discordance profile will see the status of your active game session.

However, some games are not supported or rated by Discord.

Dismissal Library

The Discord library does not recognize all existing games, but in most cases it works. Even if the game is not recognizable, you can add it to the Play Now status with just a few clicks.

What do you like best about Nitro Discord and Discord? How often do you use the library? Want to add games to your player status? Discuss this and all other gambling-related topics in the comment section below.

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