How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft [2 Ways]

Today we’re going to talk about how to score more ram for Minecraft. If you are interested in this topic, please read this article in its entirety. We’ve tried to keep all the information on this.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games. It is played by people of all ages, because it has instruments that are not reserved for children. Minecraft actually takes people to a fantasy world where they have to create their own three-dimensional world. The game features a beautiful 3D screen and millions of devices discovered over time. These devices make the game a bit heavier and require a lot of memory, especially when the game is updated.

2 ways to allocate more RAM in Minecraft

The player benefits from many attractive features when the game is updated, but this affects memory. However, a person can take advantage of these enhanced features if they can assign more RAM to the Minecraft server. People generally have difficulty increasing their memory, but they need to know that this hard work should not be divided. It is possible to allocate more RAM than the launcher if you follow some important steps.

In this article or web post you will learn how to assign more memory for Minecraft and how to remove the low ram barrier that is set by default in the game settings. We have already advised you to follow the instructions in that order and not skip any steps, otherwise you won’t get anywhere.

To assign more RAM to the miniature, step by step

This is one of the most frequently mentioned ways to increase the performance of Minecraft on your computer. While manually assigning more memory in Minecraft was one of the most difficult tasks, Microsoft changed that with the release of version 2.0.0. Minecraft now offers the possibility to customize the memory in the Minecraft Launcher without the risk of altering text files and ruining the game.

Milestone: Control RAM

The user must first check the system memory. He can test it by pressing the window and pause button at the same time. This lets a person know how much memory can be allocated to Minecraft. If the memory is not sufficient, the user should install more RAM.

Method 1: How to give a mining ship more ram

Step one: Make sure you have the latest version of Minecraft (except for the demo).

Step two: Now go to Start>Settings>System>About and check the total amount of RAM on your computer or PC.

Step three: Then open the Minecraft Launcher by double-clicking the Minecraft icon on your PC screen.

Step four: Then you need to go to the Startup Settings tab.

Step five: Make sure that the advanced settings on your desktop are enabled (green button) and select the profile you want to edit. If there is only one profile, click on it.

Step six: Now switch to the JVM logic switch in this step.

The seventh step: A line with the sentence -X1G should now appear. Click to change the amount of 1 gigabyte of RAM you want to assign to Minecraft. You should never allow a Minecraft game to use more than 2/3 of your total RAM, as this can cause extra latency problems on your computer.

The eighth step: Now click on the Save button at the bottom of the PC window to save your changes.

And this has happened before. The next time you launch Minecraft, it will use a different amount of RAM than you have assigned in your window.

Method 2: How to give a mining ship more ram

The Minecraft RAM setup process is slightly different when it is hosted on a server because it is not integrated in the launcher as in the standard game. It’s not very complicated, though:

  • Open the Minecraft server directory (you are working with the Minecraft server and the folder that contains Minecraft_server.exe). If you are not sure of the location, locate the Minecraft_server on your computer.
  • To create a text document in the server directory, click Home> New Items> PC Text Document.
  • Paste the following into the new text document (if you work on a PC)

java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -Exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true Pause

  • You must then replace #### with the megabyte value you want to assign (1 GB = 1024 MB). If you z. For example, if you want to assign 1.5 GB RAM, enter 1536 MB, or if you want to assign 2 GB RAM, enter 2048 MB.
  • Click File > Save as… and change the save as record type for all files. The start name of this file server, then you need to change the extension from .txt to .bat.
  • This file will now be the new launcher for the Minecraft server you created. When you use the .bat file to start this Minecraft server, the specified amount of RAM is automatically assigned.


If you want to allocate more RAM in Minecraft, follow the step above. The steps are simple enough for you to understand, and if you receive complex comments, we will try to respond as quickly as possible, if you wish. Thank you so much!

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