How To Change Lock Screen Wallpaper On OnePlus

Learn how to easily change the background of the lock on your OnePlus phone!

Take a look: Every smartphone user loves to change the background image of their Android phone from time to time to give them a new look. Changing the background image of the castle screen is a very simple task and only takes a few seconds. However, many users cannot change the background image of the lock screen on their OnePlus phone. If you’re dealing with the same problem, don’t worry. In this lesson we will discuss the easiest ways to change the lock background on your OnePlus phone.

Why doesn’t the background of my lock change?

You cannot change the lock screen background image when using a third party application with a lock screen or other lock screen style.

Therefore, in this situation, you need to delete the application data and the third party’s cache. To delete it, press and hold the application and then go to the application information. Then click the Memory and Cache button and then click Clear Data and Cache.

After deleting the request cache and the data, you can change the background image of the lock screen. To change it, open the Gallery application and then select the wallpaper you want to use. Then touch 3 dots, touch Set wallpaper, then touch wallpaper to lock the screen.

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Steps to change the lock screen in OnePlus

Step one: On the screen, press and hold the square button to the right of the button.

Step two: Then touch Wallpaper.

Step three: Now select the background image you want to place on the lock screen.

Step four: Then tap the arrow icon on the left side of the screen.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! The selected background is installed on the locked screen.

Pay attention: The above steps apply to all OnePlus models, such as OnePlus Nord/8/8 Pro/8T/7T Pro McLaren Edition/6T/6/5T/5 and all OnePlus models on the market.

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Setting the wallpaper for Online Locking on OnePlus direct

You can install images on your OnePlus phone online from browser background. No need to download photos to your phone.

Follow the instructions here.

Step one: Open the browser on your OnePlus phone and search for installation images on the lock screen.

Step two: Once you’ve found the photo, you’ll have to click on it for a long time if you don’t see a new window. Now touch Set Image from Options and then touch Wallpaper. Confirm your selection and the selected image will be placed in the background of the camera lock.

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Download the free wallpaper of the best applications on the OnePlusphone.

You can use some of the applications to download free images. Just open the Google Play Store application on your phone and install it from there.

The 4 best applications are listed below. These applications allow you to download the best quality images to install them on your screen with a background lock.

Black wallpaper : If you like black wallpaper, this application is for you. It contains a collection of black wallpaper.

Minimum wallpaper : It has at least the best quality HD wallpapers, which make your phone’s screen more beautiful.

Background image in 4K ultra HD : This application contains a collection of high quality wallpapers of different categories.

Walli – 4K, HD Wallpaper and wallpaper : With this application you can select different kinds of backgrounds.


So you have discovered several ways to change the background image of your OnePlus phone’s lock screen. You have also learned how to install the Online Lock wallpaper directly on your OnePlus phone. You can also download the 4 best applications to get free wallpapers from the Google Play Store.

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