How to Read Text Messages From Another Phone for Free?

Today we live in a virtual world. And of course, the average mobile phone user has the earth at his fingertips! The degree of freedom is not without disadvantages. It would be a relief to read the news of the people you’d like to know if they’re safe or not. Children, and even adults, tend to abuse the freedom and power associated with mobile phones.

Therefore, certain preventive measures must be taken to ensure that they are always safe. SMS trackers allow you to keep track of everyone’s online activity. What’s more, they work on both Android and iOS devices, which is great. With these spy applications, you can also see other people’s text messages, which is simply commendable.

Short overview of SMS Tracker

SMS trackers are downloadable mobile phone applications that allow you to track, check or spy on text messages and other online activities. It is important to note here that SMS trackers and spyware applications are interchangeable terms referring to software applications that can control the activities of the target phone.

In addition, these features are available in packages that require web browsing, GPS and social media tracking capabilities. Some developers allow you to run the spy application in stealth mode. The hidden mode ensures that the user of the target phone has no idea which application is installed on the device.

How can I track a person’s online activity without installing software?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a tracking application that can spy without installing it. Note that all secure spyware applications must be installed on the target device to function properly. But there is one exception, in the form of the iPhone. If you have an Apple ID card, it’s easier to keep track of your iPhone. On the other hand, the spyware installation process is quite fast. In most cases, you should touch the phone for less than five minutes.

Installation guide for iPhone

Here is a list of steps to help you install spyware discreetly.

  • Make sure that the Apple device you are installing the application on does not have installation restrictions.
  • Choose a spyware application based on your preferences and register.
  • Download and install spyware on the target phone
  • They should be placed in front of your e-mail, because that’s where you will get your login details.
  • Most spyware programs have user-friendly control panels that make it easy for inexperienced users to log in.
  • Set the parameters as desired and you’re ready to go.

Installing Spyware on Android devices

Here are some ways to install spyware on your Android device.

  • Choose a spyware program adapted to your needs
  • As with the installation on your iPhone, you will need to stand in front of your email for further instructions.
  • Download and install the spy application with instructions on the target Android phone.
  • Access to the control panel
  • Start spying

List of spyware applications included in your free trial

Here are some of the applications that offer you a free trial without having to pay.

  • Hoverwatch… Comes with a three-day test….
  • SpyRen… Offers a two-day trial….
  • KidGuard- comes with a 10-day free trial.
  • mSpy- comes with a one-week free trial.

Better spyware application to track online activities

Well, mSpy is the best spyware application you can have to follow the activities of others. It works really well without having to hack iOS, which is an added bonus. It also has the ability to work in stealth mode and you have full access to the target data. When using mSpy, the data of the target device is automatically updated after 5 minutes, which is an added advantage.

Last sentence

It is normal to have several reasons to follow the online activities and publications of your loved ones. Young people tend to be vulnerable and need to be treated with care. Whatever the reason, a good spy application like mSpy can help you save a lot of time and nerves.

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