Journalists Want Encrypted Devices Underneath Their Christmas Tree

Encrypted devices

Unfortunately, piracy, where advanced means of communication exist, is not far behind. Everyone has something to lose by being hacked, but the career of a journalist is at stake.

How can journalists keep an anonymous source secret and safe if they can’t even prevent someone from hacking into their phone? There are malicious organisations and even governments that hack journalists’ phones to obtain confidential information or contacts. People have been murdered. There’s a lot at stake.

That’s why the sight of a state-of-the-art encryption device under the Christmas tree makes every journalist laugh this holiday season.

Encryption according to military standard

The first aspect of security is the quality of the encryption on the device. Encryption is a leading, multi-layered process:

  • Configurable compression algorithm
  • Cryptography of elliptical curves
  • PGP Encrypted Messages
  • Person under average protection

Messages protected by the world’s best encryption device can only be accessed by the receiver, as only the receiver has the key to access the message stored on the device itself. This level of security can give journalists the feeling that they can keep the identity of their sources confidential.

But even the best encryption in the world isn’t enough to protect your privacy.

Beyond end-to-end encryption

Some applications that offer end-to-end encryption are complete security solutions, but have other vulnerabilities. First, they ask permission to view your personal data so that you can download their application without having to pay for it. It’s hard to know what they’re doing with this data, but as long as they have access to it, journalists can’t be sure it’s safe.

Moreover, the hacker doesn’t even have to decipher the messages to access the communication, so he has to separate them from all other aspects of the phone. Secure phones require a few other important functions.

The main platforms enable journalists to send self-destruct messages that cannot be promoted, sent or stored by the recipients. Photos and notes can also destroy themselves over time.

The notebook lock screen must have a custom PIN code for two-factor authentication. The camera and images must be protected with the same level of encryption as the messages, and the phone must not contain any cached image data. The phone must always encrypt the content before it is stored in the phone, which is rare except for the best platforms.

Group talk and anonymous group talk are important because journalists have to search through many contacts and work under time pressure. The world is smaller than ever and journalism has always been a global profession. Search for encryption tools that are available in several languages including English, Portuguese, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and many others. Wait until new languages are added.

Journalists work in a politically charged environment and the pandemic has only aggravated the circumstances. George Orwell said that journalism prints what no one else will print; everything else is public relations. Journalists who value privacy and security should hope to find a top-of-the-line security phone under their Christmas tree this holiday season.

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