Top 10 most followed playlists on Spotify

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming applications, with many features that allow users to listen to and share music with people around the world.

In this article we take a look at the 10 most popular playlists on Spotify, some of which might fit your mood.

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As the name suggests, the playlist is updated daily with the most popular songs. At the time of writing, this playlist has 27.1 million subscribers.

Here you will find the playlist of the best hits of the day.

Another playlist that is updated very regularly. It contains the 50 best titles in the world at any time. The playlist currently has approximately 15.8 million subscribers and is managed by Spotify.

The top 50 worldwide playlists can be found here.

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If you really like to listen to rap, here’s another Spotify playlist that currently has about 13.5 million fans. The playlist is constantly updated with the latest rap hits, so you won’t miss a thing.

You can find the RapCaviar playlist here.

Another Spotify playlist that swells in the best Latin hits of the day. That must be a good thing to say the least, because there are now 10.7 million followers.

The Viva Latino playlist can be found here.

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Here’s a playlist that covers the reggaeton hits of the day. The playlist is managed by Spotify and has about 10.1 million fans.

Here is a playlist of Byl Reggaeton.

Everyone wants to listen to good music on long car rides. If you want to relax while making your own car playlist, just use this song from Spotify to sing along and enjoy your ride. It is followed by 9.7 million people worldwide.

The songs to be sung can be found here in the playlist for cars.

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Fan of good old classics from the 2000s? Well, Spotify has your back and the back of 8.9 million other people.

You can find the playlist of All Out 00s here.

This playlist brings together rock legends and epic songs that have inspired and continue to inspire generations. The playlist has about 8.6 million followers.

The Classic Rock playlist can be found here.

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The ’80s were a decade of madness for music, or as Spotify says, a dramatic factor, powering what is sometimes ridiculous. The playlist has about 7.9 million fans.

You can find the All Out 80s playlist here.

Are you looking for music for the gym or intensive sports? Turn on this playlist and enter Beast mode. The songs here should be effective, because the playlist has about 7.6 million listeners.

You can find the Beast Mode playlist here.

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