Top 7 sites like Etsy

Etsy is probably the first place where craftsmen turn to selling their unique goods and antiques. There are millions of lists available on Etsy for handicrafts and other articles.

Essentially, Etsy was designed for these entrepreneurs. In recent years there have been some changes, such as higher transaction costs with lower quality standards for beginners.

Because of the strong competition on Etsy, entrepreneurs also want to expand their activities to other platforms. It is also important for marketers to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Etsy offers several alternatives that offer functionality to increase your reach and sales. Below you will find seven sites such as Etsy, some of which do not charge a registration fee and even allow other users to add other sources of income.

With IndieMade, you can use a single dashboard for all your activities. Users can create their own websites with a custom website builder.

IndieMade sees itself as a market for artists who want to build a website that fits their vision. Owners can manage their store, blog, forums, galleries and other attributes with minimal effort and time. IndieMade ensures that attractiveness, quality and uniqueness are maintained, no matter what.

Sellers who want to create their own e-commerce sites. IndieMade focuses on meaningful content through minimalist themes and architecture. The platform does not commission artists.

Customers can choose from four plans to start building their website. The basic plan costs $4.95 per month and users can view up to 10 products. If you sign up for the $19.95 plan, you can view more than 300 plans.

You can visit Indiemade here

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Not surprisingly, Amazon also has a platform for artisan sellers. Amazon Handmade has suppliers from more than 80 countries.

The Handmade platform is a huge opportunity for manufacturers, because Amazon’s huge customer base comes directly to them. Potential sellers must be screened before they can start selling.

A textbook membership isn’t worth a penny. The Amazon Professional sales plan ($39.99 per month) was required to sign up, but has since been discontinued.

You get a 15% commission for sales advice on Handmade, although you expect more sales with Amazon’s consumer section. Millions of artisans already use the handmade products of Amazon.

You can visit Amazon Handmade here.

ArtFire remembers Etsy, who is closest to the current offer. Handmade items, craft supplies and other historical objects can be sold at Artfire.

Once your product is uploaded, it is automatically submitted to all major search engines. This leads to greater visibility.

Numerous forums and blogs allow artisans to network and discuss how to maximise their profit potential. ArtFire prices range from $4.95 to $40 per month.

Another model, called Standard Store, lists an item for 23 cents. Buyers can also place a search ad if they are looking for a specific product.

You can visit ArtFire here

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UncommonGoods is a closed platform that differs from the other sites on the list. Before the supplier is audited, a rigorous approval process takes place.

Once the product has been approved, the seller will be asked to enter a detailed product description and a suggested price. UnconGoods strives to capture the full story of the seller and the product and expects the sellers to represent the same.

The same product can be sold both retail and wholesale on the platform. UnconGoods strives to offer only the most unique products to its target group.

You can visit UncommonGoods here.

Aftcra recently started creating a buzz among artists. Only handmade items are offered for sale on the site. The Aftcra even goes so far as to be a handmade product.

All mass production is refused. Aftcra is currently only active in the United States. A commission of 7% of the transaction amount will be charged for each sale.

There are no fees for sellers to create an account or post their items. Aftcra massive space to expand and attract large numbers of buyers.

You can visit the Aftcra here

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Since 2005, the Grand Cartel has been helping the creators of online shops to present their works of art.

The platform helps sellers to create an online store in minutes. There are many free themes and it is important to choose a theme that suits your brand and fits the message of the product.

Users then need to continuously update products and organize promotions to generate traffic. The major cartel does not charge a commission per sale, but is based on the volume of sales.

The Great Cartel begins with the Gold Plan (product limit 5), which is free and has levels up to the Titanium Plan (product limit $500), which costs $29.99 per month.

You can visit the Grand Cartel here

Storenvy is the place for independent brands. Small businesses can use Storenvy to promote their brand to a wider audience. Customers can shop under 65,000 brands.

Registering as a seller costs nothing, but there is a commission of 15% per sale. The average price in Storenvy stores is higher than in Etsy, and offers are often advertised on social media. A better strategy than constantly using paid promotions.

The presence of your products in many markets increases the visibility and awareness of your products. Selling on sites other than Etsy gives craftsmen more opportunities to learn and adapt their strategy accordingly.

You can visit Storinwy here

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