Uncovering The Truth Behind The Most Puzzling Myths Of Electricity Rates

Electricity is a common resource in almost every household in the United States. Every aspect of life requires electricity, from making morning coffee to charging devices for work.

But when it comes to understanding the different aspects of the impact of energy consumption on our lives, we can be quite careless.

But there are still several myths about how energy consumption affects our lives, how our consumption turns into money we pay to our utility company and how we can be more energy efficient.

Here are the ten most common myths you are likely to come across about the cost of electricity and the truth behind it.

Myth 1: Multiple electric heaters can be economical

Because it is almost cold in winter, most houses need heating. However, there is no evidence that multiple air heaters are cheaper than using a gas heater.

The cost of gas corresponds to the cost of connecting an average heating system in a 3-room apartment.

Moreover, heating systems, whether electric or gas, are ultimately more efficient than some heaters.

Myth 2: Lights less than lights on and off

There are two ways to expose this myth.

Leave an incandescent or fluorescent lamp on consumes much more electricity than switching it off when not in use. The less electricity is consumed, the lower the electricity bill.

If you leave the light on longer, the life span of that light also becomes shorter, making it almost a year and a half shorter than would otherwise be the case. It also increases the cost of replacing your light bulb.

Myth 3: My new automatic energy saving

It’s fair to say that buying a new home – whether it’s an apartment or a villa – is no guarantee of energy efficiency, unless your real estate agent, builder or previous owners have explicitly mentioned it.

The age of the building has nothing to do with energy efficiency. What really matters is how it was built and designed.

If you want an energy efficient home, don’t forget to ask your real estate agent before you sign a contract with him!

Myth 4: The service life of my heavy equipment does not affect my electricity bill

Many electricity suppliers offer discounts for the use of electrical appliances at certain times of the day.

This period, also known as the valley period, is a period in which many people would not use their instruments. This usually happens late at night or in the afternoon.

You can contact your electricity supplier to find out when you can best save on your electricity bill.

Myth 5: Wherever I live, my electricity rates are the same.

The state in which you live may affect the amount you pay for your electricity consumption per month. Depending on where you live, there are different types of taxes and general costs in the United States.

For example, electricity prices in Pennsylvania are likely to differ from those in Washington.

So if you travel from one part of the country to another, you can expect to have a different amount in your account, even if you use the same equipment at the same time.

Myth 6: When I turn off the power, the device will no longer use.

Some of your devices continue to consume energy even if you don’t use them and they are turned off. This charge is called a phantom charge and indicates that your device consumes power when connected to the network.

From phone chargers to entertainment devices, they consume the same amount of energy when turned off as when simply plugged in.

You should therefore not only switch off the appliance, but also unplug it from the wall socket, so that it does not consume electricity and electricity costs do not rise. It goes without saying that it is also not energy efficient.

Myth 7: Energy-efficient products increase housing costs

Some energy saving products can be high-end products and therefore cost more than the original installation. However, the initial installation costs do not always have to be high.

You can get cheaper and more efficient products and thus save more money on your electricity bill.

Look for electronics with a high energy value (one star) to ensure maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Myth 8: Energy efficient heating or cooling equipment automatically reduces myvalue.

By choosing an energy-saving device for your home, you invest in reducing energy consumption and therefore energy costs.

However, more than a third of the energy consumed by air conditioners is wasted due to improper installation of your electrical equipment, which can contribute to Chicago’s already rapid rise in electricity prices.

Instead of installing a new stove or cooler yourself, you should call a specialist. This way you can be sure that your device has been installed correctly and that there is no loss of performance.

Myth 9: For my washing machinethere is no real difference in efficiency between the hot and the cold phase.

There is a big difference between using a washing machine in hot/hot and cold mode.

The use of a cooling system is not only more energy efficient, but also more cost effective. The cost of a hot installation is about 69 cents, compared to 14 cents to run the machine cold.

Think about it: Using a washing machine in hot/hot mode is like leaving the fridge door open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.


Energy efficiency is not an exact science. This requires a great deal of attention and in-depth knowledge of best practices that can reduce your electricity consumption and energy costs.

After studying the truth behind these illusions, your energy and money saving goals are now achievable!

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