Windows Server 2012: Microsoft online cloud backup service

The switch to a Windows 2012 server seems to have many advantages. It is an advanced Windows server from Microsoft, with advances in virtualization, technology, speed, efficiency and networking. This version is fully supported by Microsoft, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading to other versions.

Windows Server 2012 is the fifth version of the Windows Server operating system offered by Microsoft. It is known for its high-tech features in an improved version. It has intensified the areas of storage, networking, data management, virtualization, access and so on. Windows Server 2012 adds a brand new cloud backup service feature directly integrated into the operating system. That makes it a great and better version than the others. There are many cloud backup solutions on the market designed to support this version. But it’s not easy to choose one. So we try to find the best cloud backup solution for your system. Backup solutions such as Acronis, Backblaze, Carbonite, Azure, etc. But the most popular backup solution for your business needs and that fits your budget is the Microsoft Azure Cloud Backup solution.

Microsoft’s online backup service in Windows Server 2012 takes all your files and folders with it and stores them in Azure, where all your files and folders remain safe and you can even restore them easily after a disaster. Microsoft Azure Backup is supported by this version of Windows and provides backup services with enhanced virtualization and storage.

What is Microsoft Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure Backup is a cloud backup solution with advanced features that stores all your data in the Microsoft cloud. It is a highly efficient, cost-effective and reliable solution that allows you to back up your data with a single click. Its scalability depends on your backup needs. The size of the data to be stored determines the price, but if we look at the total price structure it is also cost-effective. Microsoft Azure Backup restores data with greater application consistency because it is consistent and retains data longer, even after it is removed from the system. It also reduces the complexity of the system and saves us valuable time to work.

Why Microsoft Azure for Windows 2012 Server?

Microsoft Azure is a simple, cost-effective, efficient and highly secure cloud backup solution. It stores your data in the Microsoft cloud and can be backed up from the Azure cloud at any time. MS Azure offers backups three times a day. It is also supported by Windows Server 2008/2008 R2, Windows Server 7, but is also suitable for your Windows Server 2012. Azure offers unlimited data transfer with end-to-end encryption. It increases data control and enables centralised management. Microsoft Azure data can be stored for both short and long term. It also allows data to be retained for up to 30 days, even after legal deletion. It supports block-level incremental backups to reduce storage and bandwidth usage. Microsoft Azure increases the security of your data through compression, and the data is encrypted before it leaves the server. It also protects you against attacks with ransom software.

Other backup solutions for Windows 2012 Server

In addition to Microsoft Azure, there are other backup solutions on the market that you can find better. Why don’t you take a look at this?

Carbonite Server is the best supported backup solution for Windows Server 2012 because it supports all Microsoft plans. It is a cheap, effective and safe option. It offers both automatic and manual backups, which means you can select files and folders to include or exclude backups. MS Azure offers full mailbox recovery and shared data recovery. You can also choose Carbonite as a good option for this version of Windows. It provides a powerful installation with ease. With Carbonite you can manage your data easily and efficiently. But backing up the entire data takes too long due to encryption and decryption. The only drawback is that the recovery process is very slow and sometimes slows down the entire system during the backup process.

Cloudberry is also a cost-effective backup solution. It transfers your data directly between the Windows server and Backblaze. Azure is coded for security reasons and no third parties are involved. It also helps you to check the data according to your wishes. You can easily exclude unwanted files and folders from your data. It automatically backs up the data on the server. But this sometimes becomes a drawback because it backs up all your data, including unnecessary waste that you have to organize manually, and it doesn’t provide that much security for your data.

Acronis is a powerful and efficient solution for your server. It provides recovery tools and security with robust functionality. But for a small company it’s quite expensive and sometimes it gets complicated. It has centralised management, a secure environment, transparency and accountability at all levels. The lowest price starts at $250 per month without a free trial, which is not an affordable solution for all companies.

CDR365 also supports Windows Server 2012 for cloud backup. It is easy to use, which means it is user-friendly. The pricing system is $5 per workstation, $13 per user and $35 for 500GB of storage, which is not too cumbersome and affordable for small businesses. It also provides encryption that complies with security policies and increases scalability. However, it does not allow unlimited data exchange. It provides limited storage space for your data and is not very efficient compared to Microsoft’s Azure cloud backup solution.

Limitations of Microsoft Azure

Overall, when comparing the different backup solutions, it can be said that this is the best and most appropriate cloud backup solution supporting Windows Server 2012. We have concluded that Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Backup service is the best of these services, but it does have some limitations that you should be aware of.

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It cannot be used on operating systems other than Windows 2012 Server. Backup services can only be used if the backup service is located on a hard drive. You cannot use network shares with this service. These limitations may prevent you from choosing Microsoft’s Secure Online Backup Service, otherwise it is a very reliable and efficient backup solution for Windows Server 2012.

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