Huawei Y6P: A Courageous Attempt, but that’s all it is

Every time we show smartphones, the fine line of uniqueness, or what sets them apart from our competitors, fades every day. This has not been the case with Huawei smartphones lately. It doesn’t matter what kind of Huawei phones we look at or even research – no matter how much they cost, no matter how good they are, the bottom line is we simply can’t recommend a phone for any reason. Instead of writing a review, we decided to write an article with this smartphone.

Huawei Y6P: Appearance is not all.

Huawei Malaysia was kind enough to send us this phone and it’s been months since they did. We were faced with one thing too many (plus the fact that I was in my final year was a huge factor), it was there – sitting in our waiting room, quiet and beautiful. The phone looks great with this emerald green color on the back, which shines and twinkles under different lights. I’m glad to see how far cheap phones have come and how first class they are today. And all thanks to brands like Huawei that push the boundaries and offer consumers something they would be happy with anyway. But looks aren’t everything, because that’s the only place this phone shines – in terms of specifications it’s identical to its older brother, WHAT 9A.

Under the hood, the specifications are exactly the same – the same MediaTek Helio P22 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB memory, and finally a 5000 mAh battery to get you through the day. The fact that it is not a very complex specification is surprising, because the Helio processor is not necessarily bad, but in most cases users who own such phones want to be covered by the essential basics, and that is the problem. Whatever he does. But even considering all the advantages of the phone – triple camera angle, huge battery, good performance – that’s all it has. To keep up with good hardware you need good software, and there’s nothing else to do but hit them so hard that the mighty Huawei falls on them.

Application gallery

I have to admit that there is a need, because few brands have been able to cook and offer something in the short time that all this chaos has occurred – with the recall of Huawei by Google and so on. But the part where I was disappointed came from a brand that was popular – the false claims that the app would be available in their own AppGallery if it was simply based on PWA (Progressive Web App), convincing users that they had no problem using it, and showing consumers with fake ads that they had alternatives to what they had before, but in reality some of them are far from that.

When we tested the Matepad Pro, we liked what it had to offer, and it didn’t matter not having a Play Store on the tablet, because it was more like 2-in-1 when you go to the EMUI office, and that was it. But on the phone, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the android ecosystem relies heavily on Google’s framework. Every time we tried to justify it, we understood that it works for us because we know the technology well, but it doesn’t translate directly to end users who don’t know the technology well. Because no matter how many steps you give them, they have no choice but to feel overwhelmed, and that is the reality that Huawei has to accept and be honest with the end users.


Again, we don’t talk: Don’t buy Huawei smartphones – it’s a misinterpretation of what we’ve said so far. But if you’re ready for the challenge, and if you don’t mind doing all this to get it and lead it, then it’s okay. For the time being I can only hope that Huawei, given the changing political dynamics in the United States, will be able to do something and go back to Google somewhere. But even if that doesn’t happen, well – everything you can say about Huawei smartphones, whether it’s the Y6p or any other smartphone, has had a bittersweet ride.

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