How to fix “ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE” in Google Chrome?

As incredible and connected as it is, the Google Chrome browser is not bug-proof – no browser is. There are a million reasons why your browser may display an undetected error when you try to access your favorite sites.

One of these random errors is ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE. There are now several reasons why it may appear in your browser, including problems on the server side,

So, if you have tried the usual bug fixes such as rebooting the router, emptying the cache, etc. and the problem is still not solved, here are the instructions for fixing the ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error in Google Chrome.

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There are now five ways to tackle this problem, which are listed below.

The network hardware performance cycle is about solving more problems than you can imagine. Usually, connection problems can be caused by a major error in your router and can be fixed when rebooting.

This is also part of the general troubleshooting list for problems with unopened sites, but it seems to work. Learn how to delete your browsing history in Chrome.

Step one: Open Chrom and go to Chrom://History. Then click on Delete Data.

Step two: Make sure the option Hosted Applicant Data is selected and choose Delete Data.

Now try to access the website again.

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In some cases, resetting your computer’s TCP/IP stack can help resolve unexpected errors. Proceed as follows

Step one: Press the Windows + X button or right-click the Start button and click the command line (Administrator).

Step two: Enter the following two commands one after the other.

ipconfig / Version
ipconfig / Renew

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Sometimes a bad DNS cache can redirect your browser to the wrong site, causing this error. You can try to empty Chrome’s DNS cache to see if the problem is solved.

Step one: Execute Chrome and go to Chrome: //netto internal/#dns

Step two: Click the Clear Host Cache button to clear the DNS cache.

Restart your browser and try to access the website you are having problems with.

Just as DNS caching can confuse your browser with errors, Chrome’s DNS prediction services can be confusing. Normally they work quite well, but sometimes there can be problems.

Step one: Open Chrome and access your privacy and security settings. You can find them under Chrome://Settings/accessories.

Step two: In the section on cookies and other information on the website, you will find the Pre-install and Switch pages option for quick navigation and searching.

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