Where To Put Sky Box?

You want to hide the air drawer, but you’re still using the remote? You have come to the right place to find a practical solution. Wall-mounted televisions have become the new standard for the installation of televisions in homes. Houses don’t have big, clumsy TVs to hang a whole wardrobe on. These are now smooth widescreen displays that lie flush against the wall and therefore offer the greatest viewing pleasure. These sleek beauties are now also considered an important part of the current trend in home furnishings. Trying to connect a Sky Q receiver box to the nearest location without disturbing the wires hanging over the wall is still a problem for many people today. The good news is that a solution to this ugly wiring problem is not only possible, but very likely and easily available.

Where do you place the Sky Q-Box with the TVon the wall?

In fact, there is more than one solution for placing the Sky Box next to a wall TV, and that with great ease!

Amazon UK is an excellent source for finding the perfect product to meet your individual needs.

1 – Solution for the skyboxHooks

If you need an affordable, yet stylish and practical solution, you can install a metal Sky Box mount that fits securely and invisibly behind the TV. Using this option offers a number of advantages, as it hides unsightly wires and reduces the space required on the existing shelf, which you may already have used for many devices. It is an absolutely professional solution that uses reliable suspension technology and can be mounted on the wall within minutes. You do not need to purchase additional bolts or nuts, as these are included with all accessories and fittings. There are a number of elements to be taken into account when assessing this Decision. Be careful not to place the Sky Box too far behind your TV as any interruption in the signal between the Sky Box and your remote control may affect the signal strength of your remote control. To avoid disappointment, it is also important to check the dimensions of the device before purchase. A word of advice: Make sure the size of this standard matches the size of your Sky Box device in your home.

2 – Mini wall bracket Sky Q

For a clean and compact solution compatible with the Sky Box, the metal wall bracket is absolutely ideal. It is a beautiful space saver that pushes you very gently against the wall without going too far. This wall bracket comes with brackets and accessories and has a smooth black powder coated metal surface so as not to interfere with the existing decorative colors in your home. It takes little space, so even the eye is not bulky. Popular position to place it under or near the TV, so you can be sure that your access to the TV’s remote control is as good as ever. If you’re in a hurry to install this professional-looking solution as soon as possible, take a look at Amazon UK’s handy click and assemble option.

3 – Sky Q wall bracket for old Skyboxes

If you have an earlier model of Sky Box, such as 1TB and 2TB, there is a practical wall mount version that is as elegant in design as it is in installation. There is no need to buy a brand new Sky Box. This mounting solution is available as standard in a matt black metallic finish and comes with all the necessary accessories for installation in just a few minutes. It is not necessary to remove the card to remove it, as there is already an easily accessible card slot integrated in the holder. If you purchase this unit from Amazon UK, please note the updated options and you can save a significant amount of money while maintaining the warranty of the product you purchased.

Where should I place my Sky Box if my TV is wall-mounted and curved?

All the above solutions are suitable if you have a curved TV mounted on the wall. However, if you are a smart-ass, you can attach the box with Velcro or cable ties to the stand or even to the TV.

I found a video on YouTube that shows how it’s going to work:

Use of a floating board

Floating boards are now all the rage in the house. They are a feast for the eyes and replace their brothers of yesteryear. They have a modern and ergonomic look, with the added advantage of being able to store all the equipment you need to connect on the same shelf.

1- Suptek floating wall bracket with one shelf and tempered glass

This is an impressive option if you want to combine a modern design with space for various devices and accessories such as DVD players and game consoles. It comes with an attractive glass cover and the height of the installation can be adjusted to your individual requirements. Don’t be fooled by its fine lines, because this board can easily carry up to 8 kg of weight. Installation is very easy, because you will not only receive the operating instructions, but also all the necessary parts for mounting on wooden or concrete supports. There is good cable management, because the space is secretly built into the rear column, where the loose and ugly wires are pulled out of sight. If, for any reason, you find that you bought the wrong solution, do not worry, as this product can be returned with a full refund.

2 – Goldline Sky Box Wall Shelf

This fantastic wall version is made of elegant matt silver metal with 2 floating clear glass shelves. Tempered glass, which integrates aesthetically into the decoration of the house. With a large space of 350 mm x 300 mm, it provides space for the Sky Box as well as game consoles, DVD players and more. The cleverly curved column has an opening to push ugly cables down. It comes standard with all the instructions and accessories needed to install it in the shortest possible time.

3 – AMOS Universal and versatile shelving wall bracket

This high strength aluminium is coated with a matt black powder coating and can carry a weight of up to 15 kg. This is a tool for shelf options. This heavyweight has a fixed two-handed position with plenty of space to place the unit or several units on top of each other. With a wall extrusion speed of 310 mm, it is often perfect for placement above or close to the TV screen. The two-hand mechanism provides a clean, flat surface area of over 20 cm for a DVD player, Bluray, Digibox, game consoles and more. You can really pack your bags here. This wall-mounted solution can support the extra weight.

For every problem in life there is usually a solution, but it has never been easier to find a solution for your Sky Box on the wall. There is certainly something that will meet everyone’s needs. Anything you want, from a practical solution to something more stylish, less bulky or capable of recording multiple devices. You could say that today, at Amazon UK, we are almost spoiled for choice.

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