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In today’s world, the demand for computer scientists is constantly increasing. Everything around us is transformed, moulded into digital form. With so many people entering this field, it’s not surprising how advanced the technology is and at what pace. IT itself is divided into several sub-branches, each with its own group of specialists.

But almost all of these areas have one thing in common: the process of writing instructions in code form, commonly known as programming. This is the heart of the computer and it gives it the ability to create and delete things. When the number of existing programming languages reaches three digits and each programming task has its own specific requirements, it can be extremely difficult to determine which language should be learned.

To facilitate the work, this article contains a list of the best programming languages that can be learned in 2021.

1) Python

For people new to computers in 2021, and even for those who have some experience with the language, Python is something that every programmer should feel comfortable with. This language offers an intuitive and easy-to-learn syntax that makes it popular with beginners and professionals alike. The good thing about Python is that it is extremely versatile, because it can be used almost anywhere. Whether you want to work on a website or a mobile application, or you want to work on a data science task, Python plays a crucial role in this and other tasks. Python is the language of choice for machine learning, advanced learning, artificial intelligence and other data sciences. The science of data is the most topical subject today, as companies and enterprises now use data analysis to develop their markets. Libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit, etc. have performed the necessary calculations to run different models in an extremely inexpensive and fast way.

This versatility and the availability of all kinds of libraries in Python has led to an enormous increase in demand for the language. The python continues to grow without slowing down.

2) JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most widely used languages, as it is considered the standard programming language for the web. It’s used on almost every website you’ve seen on the internet. JavaScript offers a syntax that allows it to be used in external and internal sections of websites, demonstrating its flexibility and power. In addition to HTML and CSS, JavaScript offers users a way to not only design and develop their websites, but also to make them more dynamic by adding functionality to the elements presented on the site. Javascript is also a basic language used in web frameworks such as React, Vue and Node, making it the undisputed king of the web development industry. The sites you regularly visit, such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia, are created with JavaScript.

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(3) Java

Java is another very popular programming language which, although one of the oldest in the world, is still very popular. Java is often used in the work of large organizations. It is also widely used in Android development, making Java a very popular skill given the popularity of Android applications. With the scalability, high memory allocation, and high performance of Java, companies like Amazon, Twitter, and Adobe are just a few names on the list of users of this programming language, along with a million other repositories found on GitHub.

4) C/C++

C/C++ is one of the fastest programming languages offering a high level of functionality. This language is therefore used in most low-level systems such as operating systems, embedded systems, kernel development, etc. It is even used as a basis for the development of other programming languages. Thanks to the large set of libraries and the stable character, C/C++ also plays a major role in the development of games, computer graphics, virtual reality and much more. Companies like Nvidia, Google, Microsoft and Apple are often looking for C/C++ developers.

5) C#

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft, which has proven itself in the web and game development departments. C# is most commonly used in Unity software, which is one of the most popular game engines for creating 2D and 3D video games. C# also plays a major role in the creation of Windows applications and has therefore been used within websites such as Bing, Visual Studio, etc.

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6) Golang

Golang, or Go for short, is a programming language developed by Google. Lately, now that the concepts of multithreading and distributed systems have become very popular, Golang is slowly gaining fame. It is currently one of the most widely spoken languages in Silicon Valley. Go is designed to support multithreading with ease so that processes can be performed simultaneously. This language has therefore been used to create projects such as Kubernetes, Docker, Blockchain, etc.

7) R

While data science and machine learning are becoming hugely popular in the industry, R is another programming language that has become a user favorite. Like Python, R offers a wide range of libraries and frameworks. This makes R an ideal tool for the development of algorithms for machine learning and statistical modeling. Any company that needs to collect a large amount of data to go through the analysis and visualization process will be looking for developers who have mastered the R programming language.

8) PHP

Despite the enormous popularity of Python and JavaScript in backend development, PHP continues to evolve and is used by large companies such as Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia. There is still a great demand for PHP developers on the market, because many websites (especially WordPress) on the Internet use PHP as a basic version. So PHP remains an excellent choice as a language to learn in 2021. Instagram is also build using PHP there features like Instagram likes, followers and views are build on the PHP platform too,

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9) Fast

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple to create iOS applications. This is one of the most popular languages, as iOS applications are always very popular with users and Apple is always on the move. Although Flutter (darts) and React Native are also options for the development of iOS, Swift is still a more widespread and preferred option.

10) Coatine

Kotlin is a language developed by JetBrains, whose work is related to the development of Android applications. This is why Google has decided to name Kotlin as the official language for the development of Android, even before Kotlin at the level of Java. And since Android is the best-selling operating system for mobile devices, the fact that Cotlin is one of the languages to be studied in 2021 is not surprising.

Which programming languages are to be taught in 2021?

Informatics and software development is regarded as one of the best-known branches of the technology industry. The popularity of these fields continues to grow, with no signs that they will slow down in the near future. But computer science in itself is a very extensive field, and in order to keep up with the times, it is important to know which programming languages one can study with the tip of one’s fingers. All of the above languages are among the most popular and widely used programming languages and are certainly worth learning. Have fun coding!

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